Frosties CGI: Fact Or Fiction?

Frosties CGI: Fact Or Fiction?

Frosties CGI: Fact or Fiction?

A number of rumours have been surrounding this boy we all know as 'The Frosties Kid', but recent suspicion brings about the question 'is he really a kid?' This website aims to clear up whether or not this apparent 'South African' boy is a Computer Generated Image (CGI) or not. Of course, this wouldn’t be some sort of plan to save acting costs, no. This was a testing programme for a new type of CGI technology which creates more realism than ever before, this type of CGI technology was going to be used in the new Shrek film, 'Shrek the Third' and it's testing was first used to make 'The Frosties Kid'. However it now appears that ‘Shrek the Third’ will not be using this CGI technology as Dreamworks have decided that Shrek and his world was always intended to be slightly cartoony and childish rather than real life.

As good as the new CGI technology is, there are some fatal errors which this website will now point out. Lets have a look at some screenshots taken from the advert.

In this picture, the boy's tongue is missing for frames at a time. His chin is also biologically impossible. No real person actually makes faces like these even when singing.

Some lazy shadowing here by the creators. They thought they could get away with it because it was only a short clip, but it has not gone unnoticed, that is clearly not the shadow his legs would make.

The creators seemed to have problems here with a lot going on. Firstly there are hundreds of people in the background to control. Then there is the fact that they had to animate the child to make it look like he was floating and walking at the same time whilst singing, and also they had to get in the famous Frosties tiger appearing all in the same go. The faults here are clear, a poor job really.

On top of these animation errors, throughout the advert the sync between his lips and the voice do not match up, so it is clear that it isn’t actually the CGI boy who is talking, but a voiceover or dubbing.

So you’ve seen the evidence, now you can decide for yourself whether or not you think he is CGI, we sure do.